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Buy Best Afghani Strain | Best Afghani Strain online | Best Afghani Strain

Buy Best Afghani Strain | Best Afghani Strain online | Best Afghani Strain

The name Hawaiian Afghan should not be confused as a hint as to what genetics have been used to create this strain – this 70% Indica/30% Sativa strain is actually the result of crossing UK Cheese and Lavender. This exotic hybrid has an extremely sweet and cheesy aroma when it reaches full maturity.

Hawaiian Afghan requires roughly 60 days of flowering to develop its large and highly resinous buds. An average harvest brings 450-550g/m² to the scale and 20% of the yield are THC. The first effect is an euphoric sensation but after a few minutes you will feel seriously relaxed.

The sweet mix of earthy, cheese flavors has hints of licorice and caramel undertones and produces a rush of euphoria that levels off into deep relaxation. OrganiGram classifies Afghan Hawaiian with their NDS varieties and recommend it for neurological disorders and spasticity.

Best Afghani Strain online

Two of the best-selling Dutch and UK genetics have been used to create this exotic hybrid: Cheese, a unique Skunk x Kush female phenotype that appeared in the UK in 1988-89 and Lavender, that was created by Soma in Holland and which was brought as a clone to Barcelona by his son-in-law in 2005 when he opened a growshop called Soma Zone. A good friend of ours, he was generous enough to give us one of his spectacular Lavender clones from Barcelona. The resulting cross produces explosive yields of enormous buds with large lateral shoots full of thousands of trichomes that emanate an incredible sweet, cheesy odour. Its yeasty/cheesy taste with hints of liquorice and caramel will amaze you.

 Best Afghani Strain

Genetic Background: 30% Sativa 70% Indica
Yield Indoor: 450-550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor: 600-900 g/plant
Flowering Time: 60 days
Harvest Month: October
THC: 20%


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