Buy CBD Drops (10 ml) (Kristians CBD)



Quantity in cc

100cc, 250cc

For legal reasons sold this oil as massage oil.

For legal terms stated that this oil does not have a scientific medical approval

Product Description


Kristian ECO CBD Oil

ECO hemp seed oil

(10 drops 1% 1 drop = 10%)

Shelf life and storage:

Will keep for 2 years.

Store in room temperature

Dosage recommendations for prevention:

This oil is mostly used by people who want to prevent.

To this end, 5 drops made before going to bed.

Dosage instructions to stop smoking:

Ander use this oil to stop smoking for example. Hash or cigarettes.

For this purpose take five drops of oil under the tongue every time you want to smoke.

LAW ang. Our cannabis oil:

This oil is produced legally in the eu and, according to Eu Commercial sold legally in all other EU countries.


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