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Begin each morning with the straight-from-nature benefits of Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Blue Label. Each tube of our full-spectrum RSHO™ Blue Label CBD hemp oil contains 1700mg of CBD and is naturally bounteous in terpenes, chlorophyll, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and many other cannabinoid compounds. It’s CBD hemp oil at its finest and its high quality will be apparent the second you squeeze the rich and viscous oil onto your fingers.

The RSHO™ Blue Label variety of CBD hemp oil is decarboxylated. This additional process converts cannabidiolic acid (CBDa), which is abundant in the extracted hemp oil, into cannabidiol (CBD). This allows the CBD hemp oil to attain its maximum CBD concentration, while still holding onto all its natural ingredients.

The three 10 gram oral applicators of RSHO™ Blue Label are each individually packaged and safety-sealed. The applicators also feature measurement markers on their sides so that you can easily and precisely measure out your desired serving size.

We ask that you keep your CBD hemp oil in the refrigerator after it’s been opened to maintain freshness for future use. Keeping your RSHO™ oil cool will also make it easier and measure and consume.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is known for being the first company to secure a high-quality supply of hemp CBD oil, creating the market for this amazing nutritional supplement. When we discovered how CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive compound in the hemp plant, could be incredibly influential for health, we set out to find the best seed, the best climate, and the best team of cultivation experts to grow our hemp. The result was incredible – Fields upon fields of healthy hemp highly concentrated in CBD! Now, people in all 50 states and 40+ countries are now able to legally access the benefits of cannabis.

After the hemp is harvested, it undergoes a chemical-free CO2 extraction process. The CBD hemp oil is then rigorously tested  by respected ISO-certified laboratories in the United States. We devote exhaustive attention toward producing the highest quality of CBD hemp oil and have no doubt that our RSHO™ Blue Label will become your preferred nutritional supplement!


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